Joe's Role with The Recovery Transition Program

Joe began his involvement with the Recovery Transition Program (RTP) in 2016, training as a Peer Mentor and then beginning to develop and apply his skills in mentoring patients/clients with mental illness, addiction and a myriad of other maladies.  This gradually mushroomed into the position he now holds where he is an integral component of the Peer Mentoring Team, the graphics designer for all necessary print/web media as well as being the face of the organization 3 days per week in the RTP office at the Allan Memorial Hospital in downtown Montreal.

The significance of the graphics design element cannot be understated.  The RTP Program is a unique and wonderful presence in the mental health community and wider.  They provide mentors for patients of the Allan Memorial Hospital as well as and affiliate pain clinic and addictions unit.  When Covid struck, the RTP's plans for growth and duplication of their model to other hospitals in Quebec and abroad ceased for the time being.  They are now just returning to a point where they are entertaining growth.  The beauty and usability of Joe's promotional materials and Zine will be a definite winning element of the overall package the RTP puts together.

The Zine - Joe's pride and joy!


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